“Leader” – domestic and international freight forwarding services

The company LEADER was founded by Damian Łakomski in 2012. Originally, its activities were centred on the transport of goods from the Warsaw cargo airport to destinations all over Poland. The company founder’s first workplace was a driver’s seat in a Mercedes Sprinter, the first vehicle in the company fleet. After a few months he employed the first driver and focused on business management from behind a desk at his home.

After some time the home desk was replaced by an office with a floor area of just 24 m2, which marked the beginning of building a team of people for whom transport is not only a job but also an adventure. The fleet was being systematically expanded with subsequent heavy goods vehicles, which entailed the necessity of hiring many freight forwarding specialists as well as professional truck drivers.
Thanks to the hard work of the whole team and the constantly rising level of customer satisfaction, the first office sufficed for a few months only and soon there was not enough space for all new desks and office equipment. LEADER’s next office was much larger, which allowed the company to concentrate on its further dynamic development. The firm’s focus on the customer and the quality of provided services contributed to its rapid growth, which, again, necessitated its movement to a larger and more convenient location at ul. Rożnowska 5a in Krzywizna in October 2017. LEADER owns its office space as well as all vehicle parking areas and freight handling facilities. The further development of the LEADER brand in the main countries where the firm conducts its business, i.e. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, includes also the rental of a vehicle parking area together with welfare facilities for its drivers in Germany.

“Leader” – road transport all over Europe

As a freight forwarder, LEADER provides road transport services all over Europe. Fulfilling all types of orders for transport services, LEADER has at its disposal a fleet of various vehicles allowing the firm to ensure optimal costs, duration, and conditions of freight forwarding. LEADER provides international road transport services of the highest quality – this is possible thanks to its dedicated team of highly qualified employees, its own vehicle fleet, as well as a group of reliable forwarders cooperating with the firm. The employees’ experience, responsibility, and conscientiousness in handling all types of transport orders determine the high quality of the offered services. LEADER’s team of experienced professionals ensure the reliability and timeliness of order fulfilment, as well as the safety of all goods entrusted to the firm. LEADER guarantees its customers’ satisfaction with the quality of its road transport services.